Shot in Arizona! Tracy Jordan and Miriya have a super sexy sentry battle where these two lovebirds take turns sneaking up on each other and knocking each other out, making sure to show it’s all out of love after the other is out cold!

Length: 25 min
Size: 1.72 GB
Format: M4V
Resolution: 1920×1080

Added: February 9, 2019


Full trailer here!

Tracy and Miriya are engaging in a sensual make out session on the couch, each wearing revealing bikinis as they kiss and fondle one another passionately.  Both girls are up for the same promotion at work and are a little nervous about it, and decide to determine who the best fighter is with a game of Hide and Sneak. Miriya scampers off to hide so that Tracy can see if she’s able to sneak up on her and knock her out.  With the game on, Miriya camps out by the curtains, confident that she’s found the best hiding spot, but Tracy slides in behind her, kicking her out with a Nerve Pinch to the neck, leaving Miriya folded over on the floor, vulnerable to a little limp play as Tracy giggles over her fallen “adversary”.  A little kissing rouses the redhead back to consciousness, and Tracy teases Miriya with how quickly she was taken out, before applying a Dragon Sleeper to the prone princess.  Miriya struggles sensually, then spasms as Tracy cinches the hold into a neck cracking twist, knocking her out yet again. Assuring herself Miriya is knocked out with a little limp play, Tracy then takes her turn to hide, leaving Miriya snoozing on the floor.  Tracy decides to skulk around the kitchen only for Miriya to surprise her with a sudden tap on the shoulder, followed by a punch to the face that leaves Tracy cross-eyed and woozy, perfectly positioned for an eye-roll inducing Sleeper Hold. Tracy sinks to her knees, and then falls into Miriya’s conveniently positioned groin, wrapping her legs around Tracy for a Neck Scissors that has her struggling and whimpering, muffled against Miriya’s crotch until she finally passes out.  Miriya brings her back around with some belly and lip kissing, as Tracy slowly comes to with moans of pleasure, but then is again muffled as Miriya sinks into an inverted Face Sit, making Tracy’s eyes cross as she struggles for breath between her cheeks.  Back and forth the two girls play, but who will end up being the best fighter?  Or are they actually both winning this contest?

Included Bear Hugs, Kissing, Face Sitting, Dragon Sleeper, Nerve Pinching, Bikinis, Body Suits, Face Punching, Multiple Knock Outs, Crossed Eyes, Eye Rolling, Moaning, Struggling, Squirming, Tongue protrusion, Limp Play, Groping, Fondling, Spasming, Spanking, Mutual Choking, Mutual Head Scissors, Neck Snapping, Knock Out Posing