Serena had gain an opportunity to become a bodyguard but first she must be “inspected” by potential new boss Anne-Marie, who just happens to have a very unique way of testing one’s core strength.

Length: 18 min
Size: 1.22 GB
Format: M4V
Resolution: 1920×1080

Added: February 16, 2019


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Serena is looking forward to a new opportunity in the Bodyguard field, full of confidence and feeling more than qualified, she submits to being “inspected” by potential new boss Anne-Marie.  Wearing a tiny liquid metal thong bikini she stands at attention as Anne runs her hands sensually over her tight belly before testing her abdominal durability.  Making her stand against the wall with hands over her head, Anne-Marie informs Serena that if she collapses at any point during the test, she will lose out on the job.  Then it’s a series of hard Belly Punches and Belly Clawing as Serena gasps and grunts, her belly getting redder as Anne-Maries fist buries itself over and over, mixing in Knee Lifts, until Serena’s arms actually drop, doubling over gasping sensually.  But she’s propped back up for another set, as Anne-Marie makes sure her belly can take the punishment, applying a wicked Belly Claw again, as well as indulging in a little Belly Button play.  Serena toughs it out, refusing to give up, though she’s getting more and more winded.  In order to give her a break, Anne-Marie pauses to kiss her belly “a break”.  She’s then brought onto the mat so Anne-Marie can hold her upright, delivering more belly punches from behind her back, one arm snaked around her neck to support Serena’s weight.  The gasping and moans get breathier as Serena seems to be enjoying the try-out more and more.  Does she have what it takes?  Or will she fold in the end?

Included: Belly Punching, Belly Kissing, Belly Button Play, Knee Lifts, Gasping, Endurance Test, Thong Bikini, Knock Out, Kissing, Stroking, Fondling, Belly Licking