Sexy and Sensual Piledrivers?   Can such a thing exist?   Short answer:  HELL YES!!!

Length: 26 minutes
Size: 1 GB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720
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Added: March 4, 2018


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Sexy and Sensual Piledrivers?   Can such a thing exist?   Short answer:  HELL YES!!!

We fade in on lovers Riley Reyes and Sumiko caressing and kissing each other moments before a special night of roleplaying commences.  The two brim with excitement as they kiss, and we soon find out why.  A sudden punch connects with Riley’s belly that doubles her over, but the sounds she makes are a mixture of pleasure and pain.  Sumiko caresses her ass, smacking it as she smiles.  Soon enough, Riley is up in a perfect piledriver position.  She groans as Sumiko asks if she’s ready.  A sudden drop and it’s over.  Riley grunts and goes limp, crashing to the mats, completely out.  Sumiko wakes her up with gentle kisses, only to put her back out with a reverse facesit.  She leans forward for the pin but Riley comes to, so Sumiko scoots backwards and smothers her back out yet again.  More kisses.  More smacks and caresses.  Riley awakens smiling.  What a rush!!!  She stands and delivers the same treatment to her lover.  Sumiko takes the piledriver and drops…limp.  Riley delivers her own facesit knockout and post-knockout pin smother.  The two continue to play, this time using TOMBSTONE piledrivers on each other, followed by more kisses, front facesit knockouts, and front smother victory pose knockouts.

Sumiko decides to take it a step further.  She allows her lover to set her up for a final tombstone but locks her thighs around her neck.  Riley sports a look of shock, dizziness, and pleasure as she fades.  She falls, sending her lover to Dreamland, only to collapse on top of her, both twitching as they form the sexiest body pile the world has ever seen…