Keri is back with as second tale where she narrates and delivers her own brutal beatdown for your pleasure!

Length: 37 min
Size: 1.6 GB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: January 6, 2019


Full trailer here!

Keri plays your girlfriend and opens this POV fantasy with another true story.  First she strips down to her one-piece leotard to show off her pro wrestling love, then starts to recount a tale where she’s in pro wrestling school dealing with a rival.  She re-enacts the encounter, taking a Ghost Low Blow from her adversary, then another and another, describing the conversation as she moans and gasps.  Self Belly Punching continues the tale as Keri whimpers and moans, gasping through the wind being knocked from her belly.  Self Choking soon leads to another set of Low Blow kicks, sending Keri to her knees and crawling, confessing how turned on the ordeal had made her.  Knees to the crotch have her whimpering and begging before describing being put into a relentless Sleeper Hold.  As the tale continues Keri gets breathier, gaspier and more turned on.

Included: Invisible attacks, POV, Choking, Low Blows, Belly Punching, Body Splashes, Confession, Humiliation, Spandex, Leotard, Knockouts, Bear Hugs, Head Slams, Wedgies, Crotch Claw, Narration, Begging, Arousal, Eye Rolling, Crossed Eyes, Self-Fondling, Ghost Oral