Keri Spectrum stars in this POV fantasy, where she narrates her own beat down for your pleasure!

Length: 13 min
Size: 574 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: January 6, 2019


Full trailer here!

Keri Spectrum stars in this POV fantasy, teasing you with a quick little strip-tease down to her thong-back one-piece, before confiding to you about an experience in college, where three girls attacked her.  She acts it out for you, describing in detail about her terrifying experience.  Re-enacting Belly Punching, Hair Pulling, Face Planting, rolling her eyes as she recounts the story.  Ghost Neck Scissors, Belly Punching and Belly Stomping is described in exquisite detail as Keri tells you about her ordeal, suffering Sleeper Holds, Limp Play and Low Blows, her eyes fluttering and rolling with the retelling, as she gets more and more aroused.

Included: Invisible attacks, Body Splashes, Sleeper Holds, Nerve Pinches, Knockouts, POV, Narration, Face Planting, Neck Scissors, Face Punching, Belly Stomping, Crossed Eyes, Rolling Eyes, Choking,

Winner: Customer!