Agents Sumiko and Bambi are forced to do battle and only one will survive!

Length: 22 minutes
Size: 882 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: January 18, 2018
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Two lethal rival agents counting sheep in a body pile (played amazingly by Sumiko and Bambi) come to in a strange house. A note lays by them instructing them to fight…until only one woman is left standing, and is free to go. A battle begins, one so fierce that both ladies take turns counting sheep after MULTIPLE brutal attacks. Sumiko gets an early advantage and tries to leave but the house is booby trapped with electrified windows. She takes an unexpected nap on a wooden floor as Bambi comes to and delivers some payback. It goes back and forth, and it is INTENSE. A final showdown in a living room leads to Sumiko turning the tables with her knowledge of pressure points and ENDING it all with a brutal twist on agent Bambi’s neck. She leaves her convulsing foe on the ground and reached for the door. No electricity. She’s free to go. For now.

Featuring: body pile. fisticuffs, face punches, neckscissors, thongs, sexy camera angles, lingerie, eyerolling, twitching, convulsing, cuntbusting, crotch stomps, sleeper hold, ragdolling, body strikes, head smashes, drooling, electrocution, stomps to the neck, reverse facesits, face kick, belly punching, pressure point attack, axe-handle blows to the head, uppercut, full SPLIT facesit, neck snap, and a foot on face victory pose.