Coco and Sumiko stars as lovers trying out their mutual knockout fetish for the first time in this sexy release!

Length: 30 minutes
Size: 1.17GB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: February 7, 2018


We fade in on the beautiful Sumiko and Coco: two lovers ready to exchange sensual knockouts after discovering they have the same fetish!   We start with the ladies putting on boxing gloves only to lock lips, their bodies on fire as Sumiko decides to “go first”.  Coco sends punch after punch into Sumiko’s willing belly, and even though they DO knock the air out of the Japanese wrestler, she seems to enjoy every second of it, even as her eyes start to roll in the back of her head.  A sudden cross to the jaw puts her lights out, her eyes rolling as she falls with her ass in the air.  Coco worships the her sleeping lover’s body before gently waking her back up with soft and sensual kisses.  Sumiko comes to slowly and smiles.  Coco offers herself for the next knockout and and Sumiko gladly returns the favor, slamming her gloved fist into Coco’s abs.  She wears her lover down with the belly punching until a huge uppercut leaves her in the same “ass up” position on the ground.  Satisfied, Sumiko wakes her up with sensual kisses and the two decide to finish the boxing portion of their fetish night with some back and forth standing blows to the face!   Each girl takes several jabs to the face and jaw as the camera goes for gorgeous angles on the woozy fighters.  The two try to kiss as their eyes roll back, barely able to stand.  They fall to their knees and unleash a volley of double belly blows to the belly until the air leaves their bodies and they pass out…cheek to cheek!

Moments pass and the two slowly awaken.  Their lips lock yet again as Coco’s hands wrap themselves around Sumiko’s neck.  She squeezes, cutting blood flow to her lover’s brain.  Sumiko’s eyes roll as moans softly.  “I love it when you suffocate me”, she whispers…and Coco gently tells her to go to sleep as she squeezes some more.  Coco kisses her lover as she fades, eyes rolled back completely.  Sumiko finally obeys, going limp in Coco’s grasp.  Coco lets her fall, her ass in the air.  She kisses Sumiko’s soft skin and slowly brings her back to consciousness.  Coco requests a facesit knockout from Sumiko, who happily obliges.  She starts with a front facesit, covering Coco’s airways…and enjoying the sensation as her lover struggles beneath her.  A final reverse facesit slowly puts Coco out as Sumiko groans softly on top of her.  Sumiko wakes Coco up and requests the same treatment, and BOY does Coco deliver!   She puts Sumiko out with a front to reverse facesit, moaning as Sumiko whimpers and struggles…and finally goes limp.

Coco gently wakes Sumiko up with sensual kisses and prepares for a final BEARHUG contest.  The two lock arms around each others’ bodies and squeeze, trying to outlast the other as oxygen pours out of their lips.  Soon enough they start to get woozy, eyes rolling as they collapse to their knees.  A few final squeezes finally puts BOTH ladies out.  Sumiko falls to her back as Coco falls forward across her lower belly, leaving a lovely pile as the camera fades to black…

This just might be our sexiest release yet, featuring two of the very best models in existence!!!