Sumiko, Sparrow and Coco star in a series of vignettes in which the lustful passion is  abruptly interrupted by a POV assassin with a suppressed pistol!

Length: 10 min
Size: 692 MB
Format: M4V
Resolution: 1920×1080

Added: March 1, 2019


Full trailer here!

Sumiko, Coco begin this series of vignettes kissing passionately, wearing thong bikinis as they enjoy stroking and fondling each other, until a mysterious POV intruder suddenly arrives, packing heat.  Before they can even understand what’s happening they’re taken out with a series of shots to the back and head, crumpling in a heap still wrapped in each other’s arms.  Next Sumiko is enjoying a face-sitting session with Coco, until once again the POV intruder strikes, shooting Sumiko in the back of the head, folding over Coco’s body and between her legs, leaving Coco defenseless before she too is taken out with a head shot, then both girls absorbing a few more to be sure. Then it’s Coco and Sparrow enjoying a tender moment of kissing, only to be taken out by surprise themselves, left lying on the ground twitching Again and again moments of passion are ended in brutal fashion, leaving the lithe lovelies in soft heaps piled on one another, whether it’s wrestling each other, face-sitting, or make-out sessions, the hits keep coming leaving delicious devastation in their wake.

Included: Face Sitting, Kissing, POV, Struggling, Begging, Head Shots, Weapons, Gun Play, Girl on Girl, Twitching, Bikinis, Thongs, Multiple Endings