Misty Lovelace delivers a stellar self-KO performance in this amazing release!

Length: 19 min
Size: 830 GB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: August 10, 2018


Full trailer here!

We fade in on the stunning Misty Lovelace, nervous during her confession to you.  Turns out she has a fetish for getting knocked out after a one-sided beating from a dominant female, and she proceeds to lay out how that all came about…step by step!  The beautiful Misty acts out her torment for you, putting on one hell of a show as she displays every knockout she endured, all while telling you how much it turned her on.  In the end she’s overcome with a desire for your touch as your hand snakes its way around her throat…and starts to squeeze!!!!


face punches, belly punches, eyerolling, multiple KOs, narration,  sexy angles, chokeout, clothing removal (implied), face down/ass up KO pose, head smashes, tongue protrusion, hair pulling, cuntbusting, and a full POV chokeout.