Dr. Eden administers her patented miracle cure for belly pain on the lovely Serena!

Length: 17 min
Size: 764 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: November 18, 2018


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Serena is doubled over in pain, calling up a doctor to see about her stomach. Luckily this doctor makes house calls, and happens to be Dr. Eden. The Dr begins her examination of Serena’s boxing-bruised belly, asking her to disrobe to her metallic bikini. Her diagnosis leads Dr Eden to open her lab coat to her own red bikini so she can massage Serena’s belly for her. Rubbing causes moaning and whimpering as the Dr’s fingers press deep into Serena’s belly tissue, rubbing her belly button. Moan-inducing belly presses and firm slow stroking warm Serena up for some next-level therapy by way of brutal belly punches that leave her breathless and gasping. The Dr has just the trick as she relaxes Serena to total unconsciousness, inspiring some extra rubbing and punching for “good measure”, requiring the lab coat to be removed entirely for ease of movement. Belly punching and rubbing an unconscious Serena, Dr Eden begins to reveal her true nature… Good Doctor? Or Mad Scientist?

Included: Bikinis, Eye Rolling, Belly Punching, Belly Rubbing, Gasping, Breathless, Knockouts, Shiny, Body Worship