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Eden and Pandora tear into each other in this sexy video game-style battle!

Length: 20 min
Size: 803 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: May 5, 2018


Click HERE to watch the official trailer!

Part three of this popular series fades in on the stunning Pandora as she continues to hone her gaming skills.  This time the fighter cycles through past opponents only to pick drop-dead gorgeous EDEN as a new adversary.  Confident in her experience, Pandora gets read to do battle…and what a battle it is!  The ladies go at it tooth and nail, destroying each other round after round…until ONE player stands triumphant, and ready to play again (winner listed below)!

Includes:  thong bikinis, thong one piece suits, spandex, shiny attire, boots, martial arts, body kicks, instant replays, sexy camera angles, ass in the air poses, spread eagle knockouts, convulsing/twitching, drooling, neck snaps, reverse headlock chokeout, headlock neck snap, victory poses, foot on face poses, sleeper hold knockout, foot on neck snap, glute bridge, arched back, cunt punts, cunt stomps, crotch pain, brain stem punch,  knives, belly butt, belly stab, neck stab finisher, bearhug, double neck snap, body pile, double finisher, belly punches, spit take belly punch, garotte wire choke, double blade finisher, and special visual/sound FX!