Serena and Jinx have some role playing  fun.

Length: 26 minutes
Size: 1061 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: January 20, 2018


The beautiful duo of Serena and Jinx are roommates/lovers who start off watching a cool action movie on TV. They marvel at the way the female sentries on screen (not shown) are repeatedly taken out by a sneaky attacker. They decide to have some fun and roleplay these attacks while wearing sexy lingerie. They each take turns sneaking up on each other with attacks and moves that lead to one girl awake and the other visiting dreamland. In between naps, the attacker sensually kisses her lover’s still lips, only to have her wake up slowly. The attacker decides to finish her opponent once again, leaving her still on the ground as the camera fades and the two beauties switch roles! A final double gassing finishes them both, and the last thing we see is the pair struggling to kiss as they slip in and out of darkness!

Features: multiple K.O.s, sneak attacks, kissing, limp play, ragdolling, sleeper holds, eyerolling, multiple neck snaps, belly punching, bare foot shots, sexy camera angles, neck pinch, face down/ass up shots, face slams into the ground, temple drill pressure points, reverse facesits, light foot worship, foot pressure points, reverse neckscissors, barely conscious kissing, low blow crotch kick / cuntbusting, front facesit, final gas attack.