Eden dominates Sinn Sage with sexy smother KOs, wakes her up with gentle kisses and Sinn kind of likes it.

Length: 18 min
Size: 807 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: October 20, 2018


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The stunning Sinn Sage stands on our mats boasting about how she is ready to completely dominate “some girl named Eden, or something”. While Sinn runs her mouth, the shockingly beautiful Eden enters in the background and prepares to introduce herself to Sinn. Eden’s introduction style is a little unorthodox, as she low blow, punt kicks Sinn from behind. Sinn instantly drops to her knees grabbing busted cunt in agony. The perfect position for a sleeper hold and Eden does just that, locking Sinn in tight and slowing the blood flow to her brain until Sinn goes unconscious. Eden lets Sinn fall face first on the mats watching on with lustful joy as Sinn legendary ass giggles with every twitch. Eden can’t help but get her hands on those glorious cheeks shaking and slapping them a few times as Sinn continues to twitch.

Eden picks up the still slumbering porn star and gently kisses her until she wakes up.  Sinn recoils, trying to take in her situation, but Eden simply walks around her and locks on a hand over the mouth smother again draining the life from Sinn. This time Sinn falls unconscious in the darri-air pose, with her beautiful ass high in the air. Again, Eden takes advantage of this perfect opportunity for some ass grabbing.

Some neck kissing wakes Sinn this time only to be smother out again, this time Eden using her ample breast to do the deed. More kissing before it’s time for Sinn’s next nap, this time a reverse face sit is Eden’s choice. Another session of gently kissing and it seems Sinn is starting to enjoy herself. Eden demands Sinn beg for the next KO and Sinn complies without hesitation.

This time Sinn goes cheek to cheek as Eden stuffs Sinn’s face deep into her butt cheeks for another sexy KO and that lovely darri-air pose once more. It seems Eden really enjoyed that KO as Sinn is woken up for round 2 of some more sexy cheek to cheek action. Sinn goes lights out one last time. Eden tosses Sinn to her back with a mighty hip thrust and then Eden sits upon the face of opponent for a glorious face sitting victory pose.

Included: Low blow kick, Sleeper hold, twitching, ass play, limp play, kissing, hand over mouth smother, breast smother, begging, face sitting, ass smother, victory pose.