Bambi has a new victim in Paige and she uses her bodacious buttocks to dominate her newest victim.

Length: 23 min
Size: 1 GB
Format: W4V
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: December 28, 2018


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Bambi has a new victim in Paige, who has been trash talking Bambi behind her back. Unfortunately the internet means you can find things out about people and jump them, so Bambi got herself a little present in Paige.  Before Paige can talk her way out of her predicament she finds herself in a seated Face Smother, her whimpers and moans muffled as her eyes cross her body twitching as Bambi settles in.  Bambi slowly enjoys knocking Paige out until the dark haired beauty lies still on the floor.  She wakes her up only to invert the hold, causing Paige to gasp and sputter, finding it hard to breathe around Bambi’s bodacious buttocks.  Bambi soon tires of this and rolls Paige over, seating herself on her back and slapping on a Rear Cross-Face Smother lock.  After she fades out, Bambi enjoys a little limp play before reviving Paige just enough to unload a few belly punches before wrapping Paige into front facing Neck Scissors, forcibly smothered between Bambi’s powerful thighs.  The longer the punishment goes, the more aroused Bambi seems to find it.

Included: Limp Play, Seated Face Smothering, Inverted Face Smothering, Eye Rolling, Crossed Eyes, Gasping, Twitching, Bikinis, Cross-Face Smother, Foot Smothering, Trash Talking, Humiliation, Toe Sucking, Knockouts, Ass Smothering, Stink Face, Kissing

Victor: Bambi