We fade in on the beautiful Sumiko dreaming away as a dark and masked figure (played by Sapphire) enters the room.

Length: 10 minutes
Size: 414 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: January 20, 2018


We fade in on the beautiful Sumiko dreaming away as a dark and masked figure (played by Sapphire) enters the room. She stealthily makes her way to the bed and removes Sumiko’s blanket, revealing her beautiful thong bikini-clad body. Sapphire caresses Sumiko’s skin, her hands making their way to Sumiko’s face. Sumiko awakens with a smile, thinking it’s her boyfriend who’s come home early. Sapphire places her hand on Sumiko’s chin. Sumiko smiles, caressing her hand as it suddenly grips her chin. She gasps as Sapphire turns her head and suddenly twists it. We hear a brutal cracking sound as Sumiko groans…her eyes rolling back, tongue protruding as her body convulses. The executrix walks away as we get amazing shots of Sumiko’s feet and ass, twitching as she rests for eternity…

But it isn’t over. We see Sumiko covered and sleeping again as Sapphire caresses her body with a projectile weapon. She fires it into her back and Sumiko moans in pain, her body writhing as the assassin aims for her heart. A second silenced projectile ends it for the lovely Victim, whose ass remains posed up as she convulses, her tongue resting against her lips…

…and then AGAIN. What’s going on here??? Sapphire plays with Sumiko’s feet as she slumbers, grabbing her hair as Sumiko awakens with a smile, once again assuming it’s her boyfriend. Sapphire’s hands wrap themselves around Sumiko’s throaty from behind and start to squeeze. Sumiko’s eyes go wide as she sees her attacker, but it’s too late. She struggles, her body making beautiful shapes as she writhes on her bed. Her eyes roll back, her tongue sticks out, and she drools onto her pillow as she slowly fades into complete and never-ending darkness. The assassin takes her head and performs a perfect neck twist. We hear the crack again as Sumiko goes limp. She then convulses a bit more as Sapphire leaves…the camera gracing us with beautiful takes of her body as we suddenly fade to…

…Suddenly Sumiko wakes up with a gasp. She grabs her phone and calls her boyfriend, telling him about the slew of bad dreams she’s been having…begging him to come home early. She hangs up, looking fearful as we slowly pan to Sapphire’s face: staring…and waiting.

Featuring: over the top reactions, convulsing, neck snap, eyerolls, tongue protrusion, silenced weapon attack, twitching, bare foot shots, ass shots, and a slow double handed choking scene.