Sumiko owes Eden some money and she has come to collect. However, the only thing that changes hands in a ton of brutal low blows as both beautiful ladies take a beating before thing one is said and done.

Length: 11 min
Size: 503 MB
Format: M4V
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: April 1, 2019


Full trailer here!

This Sensually Savage Production starts with Sumiko, dressed in a blue thong one-piece, stretching out slowly and sensually.  In walks Eden, similarly attired in her own purple one-piece, sucking a lollipop and demanding her money.  Taken by Surprise, Sumiko stutters, asking if Eden can come back “later”, as she doesn’t have the money.  “Later” just won’t work, however, and Sumiko backs up her defiant attitude by telling Eden that the only thing she’ll be collecting today is her fist up her fat ass.  Eden, nonplussed, steps up to the challenge, only to take a back fist to the face, followed up by a series of fierce face punches and brutal body-blows. Sumiko holds her up for belly punch after belly punch before driving a nasty knee straight into Eden’s temple.  Rocked, Eden staggers, with Sumiko in close pursuit, chopping the nerve cluster in Eden’s neck, dropping the leggy brunette to the floor, perfectly positioned for a swift kick to the face, knocking Eden out!  Sumiko, bored, decides to have a little fun at Eden’s expense, dragging her to her knees, only to receive a series of lethal low blows. Staggering in pain, Sumiko has her world rocked as Eden fires off a quick kick to the face, dropping prone to the mat, eyes rolling back in her head. Eden stands over her, gloating, only to take a series of kicks to the groin herself, before Sumiko rises to her feet, swinging a devastating knee into Eden’s temple, followed by a hellacious series of head-butts to her groin.  Ugly uppercuts and killer kicks to the groin keep Eden staggering and dazed, her eyes crossing as she whimpers and yelp while Sumiko gloats. Maybe too soon as Eden manages to reverse her fortunes with a low-blow donkey-kick of her own, rising to stun Sumiko with a series of jaw-breaking shots to the face. Sumiko’s eyes roll and cross, but Eden isn’t done, ramming Sumiko head-first into the closed door before clubbing her groin with shot after shot, as Sumiko’s screams begin to fade into whimpers , her eyes fluttering until she finally passes out from the assault to her nethers.  Eden attempts to revive her by folding her over and swatting her exposed butt to a stinging set smacks, but Sumiko only moans incoherently, so Eden yanks her back to her feet only to drive her head into the door again, then hammering her groin with a series of uppercuts and axe-handle clubs while Sumiko can only droop against the door whimpering. Eden grabs her by the suit, hammering her jaw with a series of punches until an uppercut sends Sumiko to the ground on her hands and knees, her back crushing as Eden drops a leg across it, Sumiko’s eyes rolling as she seems to fade out. Suspicious, Eden rolls her over to check, splaying her legs wide and driving a scorching set of stomps into Sumiko’s groin, only getting the weakest of grunts for her efforts.  Satisfied, Eden warns her she’ll be back in an hour for her money, leaving Sumiko lying prone thoroughly knocked out.

INCLUDED: Thongs, Face Punching, Uppercuts, Face kicking, Belly Punching, Eye Crossing, Winded, Knee Lifts, Low Blows, Low Blow Kicks, Low Blow Uppercuts, Low Blow Head Butts, Low Blow Axe Handles, Low Blow Donkey Kick, Low Blow Stomping, Eye Rolling, Screaming, Moaning

Winner: Eden