Misty Lovelace and Skye Blue are set to have a wrestling match, but Misty is has come here for a different reason. Skye isn’t interested in Misty’s advances… at least not a first.

Length: 14 min
Size: 988 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1920×1080

Added: January 30, 2019


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Skye is stretching out in her white one-piece racer and gear as she waits for her match with Misty, a match she’s been looking forward to for a long time, but when Misty arrives, wearing a tiny micro bikini, Misty confesses that she was actually thinking something less combative. Skye is a little disappointed after all the preparations she’s made over the last year, trying to fend off Misty’s amorous advances, but Misty is insistent on something snugglier. Skye has no choice but to yank her into a Sleeper Hold. Unfortunately this seems to turn Misty on even more, though that doesn’t stop Skye from applying pressure, making Misty’s tongue roll and her eyes cross until she fades down to the mat, folded over in a heap. Skye decides she’s still getting her match and yanks Misty into a neck scissors, but Misty is doing more moaning than gasping, getting more and more aroused as the pressure is applied. Her face reddens and her eyes roll until she goes limp. Skye keeps the fight on, inverting the neck scissors, giving Misty a chance to grab some cheek as she gasps and squirms, and finally Skye seems to come around to the idea this is kind of sexy. She drags her limp paramour up as Misty flops around half-conscious, then pulls her into a Dragon Sleeper, that seems to cause as much arousal as it does whimpering, before knocking her out again by cinching the hold in. Things get hotter for Skye as she realizes that total control is a total turn on, leaning down into a Face Sit, making Misty struggle for breath against her crotch, eyes crossing until she passes out again. Misty is brought around for a final request, conveniently an inverted Face Sit, because that booty. With sensuous whimpering and gasping, Misty’s eyes roll under Skye dominance, enjoying a little grabbing as Skye enjoys the pressure and vibrations herself. Apparently those unwanted advances were more Skye’s speed than she thought…

Included: Limp Play, Kissing, Face Sitting, Inverted Face Sitting, Knock Outs, Neck Scissors, Micro Bikini, Squash Match, Dragon Sleeper, Moaning, Arousal, Eye Rolling, Struggling, Gasping, Breath Play, Tongue Lolling, Red Faced

Winner: Skye