Keri Spectrum hosts a private sexy wrestling web cam show for her significant other vs an invisible opponent!

Length: 18 min
Size: 807 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: November 2, 2018


Full trailer here!

Keri Spectrum stars in this fantasy scenario as she begins a webcam Skype call with her sweetie.  Wearing a tight blue one piece she suggests that since they can’t be together she has a bit of role-play she would like to try.  Narrating for her sweetheart, she plays herself on the receiving end of Belly Punches, Sleeper Holds, whimpering and gasping while she describes what’s happening. Reacting to invisible punches until she’s “Knocked out”.  Over and over she’s worked over, struggling to get to her feet, woozy and dazed, describing every kick, every choke, every hold, and getting more and more aroused.

Invisible opponent attacks include: Face Punching, Belly Punching, Sleeper Holds, Kicking, Choking, Low Blows