Arielle Lane and Galas Looner have a very sensual battle at your command, as they know they must obey their master!

Length: 24 min
Size: 1.04 GB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: January 18, 2019


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We open with Arielle and Galas having themselves a little sensual mix of wrestling and kissing, giggling as they topple and sprawl over each other. However, their grappling is soon discovered as you catch them at it…. without your permission.  For punishment you order them to crawl on hands and knees, professing their love for you in POV.  You order them to a no-holds-barred knockouts-only catfight.  Immediately they begin to scrap, grabbing at each other’s hair and rolling on the floor. Galas gets Arielle in a body-scissors, which she quickly transitions into a sleeper hold.  Arielle’s eyes roll as she gasps, slowly fading out until she’s limp and unconscious.  A face-sitting victory pose for Galas as she wins Round one, her reward being a sensual grinding face=sit over Arielle’s’ sleeping body.  A nerve pinch by you sends Galas herself off to dreamland.  After they come to, you order them to kiss passionately, and to continue no matter what. You instruct them to slowly squeeze in their own nerve pinches, kissing and squeezing until they both pass out in a pile of jobbers.  Enjoy having these two spandex clad jobber girls at your command.

Included: Catfights, Nerve Pinches, Knockouts, Hair Pulling, Kissing, Sleeper Holds, Choke Holds, Eye Rolling, Crossed Eyes, Shiny one piece suits, Face Sitting Pins, Victory Pose, POV, Jobber Pile, Neck Scissors