Eden and Lucy Purr treat us to a brutal crotch busting battle donned in zero suits

Length: 12 min
Size: 521 MB
Format: W4V
Resolution: 1280×720

Added: December 18, 2018


Full trailer here!

Eden and Lucy Purr treat us to a Sci Fi simulation of how to overwhelm and attacker with primarily Crotch Attacks.  The two girls square off wearing Samus-style bodysuits, eyeing each other up and down.  Eden launches a swinging punch attack only to get kicked below, as Lucy drops down to deliver repeated Low Blows to Eden’s sensitive privates, knocking her out and folding her over on the floor, standing over her with a victory pose. Round two and Lucy makes the mistake of missing a punch to the face, cracking her knuckles on the wall.  Eden takes full advantage delivering a Low Blow Uppercut and slamming Lucy face-first into the door before unloading a devastating flurry of knee lifts into her poor groin.  Lucy whimper and wails as the assault continues, then drops to the ground, folded over, her butt high in the air.  Back and forth the scenarios play out, as each girl strives for dominance at the expense of the other’s crotch.

Included: Throat Chops, Knee Lifts, Eye Rolling, Staggering, Low Blows, Drooling, Face Punching, Uppercuts, Victory Poses, Zero Suits, Humiliating Poses, Grappling, Reverse Donkey Kicks, Head Butts, Knockouts, Crossed Eyes, Mocking, Multiple Falls, Pressure Point Attacks, Frozen, Crotch Kicks, Atomic Drops, Double Knockouts